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As many mothers out there can attest to, we are constantly losing our baby's socks. Our active little ones kick their socks off so easily — socks that never seemed to stay on properly or fit well in the first place. The result: cold little feet and frustrated mommies.


I am always buying new socks only to lose them again because they do not fit. After having my second child in 2013, I tried numerous brands and types of socks, only to realize there are no baby socks on the market that actually stay on my kids’ feet.


That’s when I decided to create BABYFIT FOREVER — socks designed specifically to meet parents’ and babies’ needs. Featuring firm but non-constraining elastic banding and underfoot ribbing, BABYFIT FOREVER helps lessen the chance of sock slippage.



Stays on babies feet 

Keeps babies feet warm 

Comfortable and breathable 

Money Savers! Parents save the cost of constantly replacing lost socks

Time Savers! Parents save the time it takes to find lost socks and put them back on their babies



Our continued desire to provide products that provide style and most importantly fit, has led me to expand the BABYFITFOREVER product line to now include children’s gloves for ages 3-6.

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